One Year Warranty is being offered by builders to cover any needed repairs usually a year after you moved into the house.

What is a Builder’s Warranty Inspection?

      Builder’s Warranty Inspection is just the same as a regular home inspection which means that the house will also be inspected from top to bottom. Home inspectors will make sure that all issues will be identified prior to the expiration of your warranty.

What is the Coverage of this Inspection?


The inspector will check if all windows, doors, and other penetrations are properly painted or caulked. They will also inspect if there are cracks or damages in the stucco.

Builder's Warranty Inspection


The inspector will check for any damages in the walls or ceilings of the garage and if there are any signs of water straining.

Builder's Warranty Inspection


Walls, windows, outlets, floors, and ceilings will be inspected for any damages. Functionality of cabinets, appliances, light switches and fans will also be checked.

Builder's Warranty Inspection

Bathroom and Kitchen

Bathroom fans or vents and tub drainage will be inspected and the functionality of hot water will be checked. Sinks will also be inspected for any leaks or damages. Lastly, the tiles will be inspected for any cracks or damages.

Builder's Warranty Inspection


The inspector will make sure that all registers are working properly and if there are any damages in the A/C units.​

Builder's Warranty Inspection


The inspector will exercise all breakers, GFCI’s and AFCI’s.​​

Builder's Warranty Inspection


​Proper water pressure will be checked in sinks and faucets and plumping areas will be inspected for any leaks or damages.

Builder's Warranty Inspection


The attic will be inspected if there’s proper insulation and if there are any signs of pest or rodents droppings.

Builder's Warranty Inspection


The inspector will check of any loose, missing, or damaged shingles. ​​

Builder's Warranty Inspection
Builder's Warranty Inspection

Hope Home Inspections can do a full home inspection and an infrared scan to help ensure you have identified all the issues that may need attention prior to your warranty expiring.​

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