Are you an older adult or a part-time Florida resident? See that your home is ready for hurricane season with our pre-hurricane maintenance inspection service. We provide thorough inspections to make sure your roof and home are in top condition, giving you peace of mind when it matters most. 

Pre Hurricane Season Maintenance Inspection Service

As a licensed Florida home inspection company, we extend our services beyond full home inspections to provide comprehensive maintenance inspections aimed at assisting homeowners in identifying and addressing maintenance issues to preserve the condition and functionality of their properties.

Our inspectors will thoroughly assess various aspects of the home’s exterior and interior to provide homeowners with valuable insights and recommendations for ongoing maintenance and repairs as well as potential safety hazards/concerns before hurricane season hits. 

Inspections will Include:

  • Exterior Maintenance: Our inspection will include a detailed examination of the exterior of the property, focusing on the roof, exterior walls/siding, windows, doors, and gutters. During your exterior home inspection, we’ll thoroughly examine potentialhazards that could pose risks to your property. This includes assessing the presence of low-hanging tree limbs and branches that might pose a threat to your roof or windows. Identifying and addressing these issues early can help prevent damage and ensure the safety and integrity of your home. We will identify any signs of damage, deterioration, or wear and tear that may require maintenance or repair to prevent further issues.
  • Interior Maintenance: Inside the home, we will inspect walls, ceilings, floors, plumbing fixtures, GFCI electrical outlet function and general electrical service panel condition, and HVAC components. We will also scan the entire home with an infrared camera to check for non-visible leaks, insulation deficiencies and electrical hazards.

Our goal is to identify any maintenance issues such as leaks, electrical hazards, or HVAC inefficiencies that could compromise the comfort of your families.

Safety Concerns: Safety is paramount, and our inspection will include a thorough evaluation of safety features such as loose handrails and trip hazards. We will identify any safety hazards that require attention to mitigate risks and ensure the wellbeing of the occupants.

Recommendations and Reporting: 

Following the inspection, we will provide homeowners with a detailed report outlining our findings, including maintenance issues, our recommended repairs, and items that need priority. Our goal with these maintenance inspections is to empower homeowners with the information and guidance they need to proactively maintain their homes and address potential issues before they escalate.

These maintenance inspections do not include engineering or architectural services, nor do they offer opinions on the adequacy of structural systems or components. Additionally, we will not perform any actions that may pose safety risks or cause damage to the property during the inspection process.

Our maintenance inspections are designed to complement our full home inspection services, providing homeowners with ongoing support and guidance to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of their homes. Don’t wait for the storm to find out about potential issues. Contact us today for a thorough and reliable inspection.

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