You’re buying a brand new home, it should be in brand new condition.​

Don’t let builder defects
​impact your dream house.

This final phase of new construction inspection is performed once the home is fully constructed, usually just prior to closing. This service is a standard full home inspection where all the major components of the home are inspected. All the appliances, lights, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, etc. will be tested, therefore, all utilities will need to be turned on. We do pay additional attention to surface deficiencies and installation issues as you are buying a brand new home, so the home should be in brand new condition.

Inspection includes:

  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Exterior
  • Appliances
  • Major surface deficiencies.
Roof Inspection

Recommended Additional Services for Final Walk Through Inspections:

  • Sewer Scoping – We have found major blockages at new construction homes due to rocks, dirt, and construction debris.
  • old Air Quality – With homes being left open during the construction phase, it is easy for organic growth to grow on trusses, beams, etc​
  • Wind Mitigations – Requested by insurance companies at closing of new construction in order to apply for discounts to homeowner’s insurance policies. 

Home inspections are not just for older homes or lived-in houses. It’s best for home buyers to get the home inspected during the construction process and take care of found defects before they become costly problems with significant consequences.

Most builders are hard working and honest. They are trying to deliver a good valued product in a reasonable time. Unfortunately, in most cases the builder is not the one actually building the home.  A builder may use 10-20 subcontractors on one house, or more if you include specialists installing security systems, entertainment systems, etc. The sheer number of participants in the home building process can lead to miscommunication or a lack of communication. Many times subcontractors working on one system of the house inadvertently harm another system. Almost all  builders are relying on their sub-contractors and often the sub-contractor who gets the job was the low bidder. So the reality is THE LOW BIDDER IS BUILDING YOUR HOUSE. 

Right now, there is a building boom going on in our area.  Here in the Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice and Bradenton area, new home construction is going strong, but at what cost. With a high demand for new homes, builders are building homes in record time. What this means is the people building your house are being pushed to go faster and cut corners. We have seen some construction nightmares, some of the county inspectors didn’t find or detect. So hire a professional home inspector to inspect your home before it’s complete.  Have a professional see behind the walls before the drywall goes up and before it’s too late.

We completed thousands of new construction inspections throughout the Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice areas. Such communities the we have worked in are Savanna, Shoreview at Waterside, Country Club East Lakewood Ranch, Mallory Par​k, and Skye Ranch. Our only goal is to ensure your home is being built correctly.

Why you do need a home inspection on a brand new house?

Several issues found at new construction homes that the builders were not aware of, such as:

1. Missing insulation in portions of attic and other areas.
2. Incorrectly wired electrical outlets.
3. Torn or crushed ductwork in attic.
4. Missing or incorrectly installed roof straps for roof to wall attachments.
5. Slipped or cracked roof tiles.
6. Improper venting of home.
7. Dryer vent improperly terminated or improper dryer vent material.
8. Broken window locks and springs.
9. Slab lipage, where the slab extends beyond the exterior wall leading to moisture intrusion into the home.
​10. Garage door safety function not working properly.

Make sure hidden building defects are caught and corrected, so when you move in, all you need to worry about is where to put the couch.