Why have your sewer system scoped?

No matter what pipe type is in your home, or the overall condition of the home, problems can still occur in the home’s sewage system due to age, environment, plant roots, human error, etc… Thus, no matter how long your sewer lines are supposed to last, unforeseen events can still occur that may damage your sewage system. So sewer scoping gives you the knowledge of the condition of a home’s plumbing system, as well as, giving you more confidence and reassurance in your home purchase. 


There are 4 basic types of materials for sewer lines:

  • Clay pipes – Commonly used from 1900-1974
  • ​Orangeburg pipes – Commonly found in homes from 1937-1950.
  • Cast Iron pipes – Used from 1900-1980 
  • PVC pipes – From 1980 to the present day

The cost of repairing a broken sewer line is $250- $300 per foot, ​so having a sewer scope is definitely
worth knowing if you have issues before buying a home.

​Some warning signs that a home’s sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Foul or strange odor in the home’s yard.
    • As pipes age, both clay and PVC, they may become cracked or damaged. As a result, the substances that flow through them may begin to seep to the top of the ground. This is a classic indication that it is time to replace or re-line the sewer lines for your home.
  • Strange gurgling sounds in bathroom
  • Sludge in the bathtub or other nasty problems can occur

If you notice any of these signs, you should call an inspection company right away to prevent further problems. A broken or damaged sewer pipe can mean serious issues for your yard, as well as, your home, therefore taking action immediately is required.

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