Repairing well systems can become very costly..

Make sure there are no issues with your new home’s well before moving in.

A well inspection by Hope Home Inspections is designed to confirm that the well system of the property has adequate water supply, as well as, examines the well equipment to determine that the system is functioning properly at the time of inspection. Having the well of the home being purchased inspected allows for the buyer to know the complete package of what they are buying, in turn, bringing them confidence in their home purchase. 

Well Certified Inspectors

Our certified inspectors provide well inspections in the Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and Tampa area.

What a well inspection includes:

  1. Our inspectors will inspect all of the well pump equipment and the wellhead. This examination is to ensure there are no visible risks present, such as contamination into the well or storage tank. ​
  2. Our inspectors will test that the systems are in working order, are free of corrosion/damage, that the bladder tanks are operating at the proper pressure, and look for exposed wires or shock hazards which could cause harm to someone. 
  3. ​Our inspectors will run the well system for 30 minutes to verify there is an adequate water supply, the water is clean meaning no discoloration or odor present and to ensure all aspects of the system are in working order.

What a well inspection does not include:

  1. We DO NOT evaluate the home’s water table to ensure there will be long term supply, provide a warranty or give estimates on life spans of equipment or determine if the physical well location is safe from underground contaminants or other non-visible risks.
  2. We DO NOT CHEMICALLY TEST the quality of the water unless requested by the buyer which is highly recommended for well water AND homes built before 1986 regardless of the water source. For more information on our water testing click the button below.

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