What is a WDO Inspection?

This is an Inspection for Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) or commonly referred to as a termite inspection. It’s called a WDO due to termites not being the only wood destroying organism. Our inspectors will start on the outside of the home. They check around hose bibs, vents, and crawlspaces. On the roof, they will inspect any cracks in the soffit and openings to the home that would allow rodent access. Within the inside of the home, they will tap on the walls which will cause a ‘swarming sound’ from the termites; if present. We will also check around the doorframes, bathrooms, and under sinks. Tell tale signs of WDO’s are pinholes and frass.​

Termite Wings
​Above, are termites “dropped wings”. This typically indicates they are boring into the wood and starting a colony within your walls.


WDO inspections are extremely important for anyone buying a home, especially in Florida. 

  • More homes in Florida are lost to termites than fire, water, hurricanes, and tornados.
  • Tampa is in the top 15 most termite infested cities in the nation! 
  • Many insurance companies do not cover termite damage, so a WDO is a great way to ensure there are no issues before the home is yours.

“But I have a Block home”

  • This is a false sense of security.
  • Even though the exterior walls are made of block, there are still several components of the home made of wood.
    • Example: roof framing, roof decking, interior walls, exterior/interior trim, baseboards, cabinets, door trims, crown molding, etc.

Termites are a known problem in the state of Florida. We highly suggest having this service be completed to ensure there are no unforeseen issues with your home and give you a peace of mind.

Dunrite Pest and Termite LLC

All are home inspectors are licensed and WDO certified through Dunrite Pest and Termite LLC.