Make sure your are living in a healthy environment!

Hope Home Inspections’ mold air quality/swab sampling can help identify if there is a mold issue within your home by using infrared technology and an environmental analytical laboratory, ProLab,  which specializes in mold analysis.

Mold/Organic Growth Issues

Samples are collected

​Moisture check by infrared scan

STEP 3- 
​Lab analysis report


(1) For your health: We now know that some molds produce toxins which have been linked to severe cases of asthma, respiratory problems, and many other very serious ailments. If you are susceptible to mold allergies or have other medical issues there’s a high probability that you will have an adverse reaction in moldy environments.

(2) For your home: Mold can decompose matter. Over a period of time, mold can destroy anything and everything it comes in contact with, including your home and personal belongings. ​

Hope Home Inspections LLC is NOT in the mold removal or mold remediation business.
However, we are Licensed Mold Assessors and can provide mold remediation protocols.


This inspection is a visual inspection of a property where we look for visible mold and conditions that cause mold. Molds needs moisture to grow. Thus, the inspector will scan the interior of the home with an infrared camera to help identify moisture intrusion. In the event mold is found in less than a 10 sq ft area we can perform an air quality test. This where we take a collection of air samples and/or swab samples which are sent off to certified testing laboratory for further analysis. With 1-2 business days you will receive a detailed report from the lab identifying if there is mold in the air, what type it is, and if its present in dangerous quantities. ​

​Mold Sampling Services provided in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Saint Petersburg/Clearwater, Tampa, and surrounding areas.