Preserving the health and functionality of a sewer system is crucial for property owners. Nevertheless, unexpected sewer system problems can occur, resulting in expensive repairs, health risks, and inconveniences.

Common Sewer System Issues​

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots infiltrating sewer pipes is a common issue. It causes blockages, cracks, and potential pipe collapse. Sewer scope inspections visually detect root intrusion, allowing for early identification and preventive measures.

Common Sewer System Issues​

Obstructions and Blockages in Pipes

Sewer pipes can get clogged due to debris, grease, or foreign objects, resulting in slow drainage, backups, and odors. A sewer scope inspection helps experts identify the precise location and cause of the blockage for targeted solutions like hydro jetting or snaking.

Pipe Corrosion and Deterioration

Over time, sewer pipes can deteriorate due to aging, poor materials, or harsh conditions, causing leaks, weaknesses, and sewage issues. Sewer scope inspections evaluate pipe condition, identify corrosion or deterioration, and recommend repairs or replacements.

Bellied or Sagging Pipes

Sagged or bellied sewer pipe sections create low spots where waste and debris accumulate, leading to frequent blockages and potential backups. A sewer scope inspection identifies these areas for necessary actions like relining or replacement. This restores flow and prevents future issues.

Sewer Line Misalignment

Sewer lines can become misaligned due to ground shifting, settlement, or poor installation. This causes misconnections, pipe displacement, and potential leaks. Sewer scope inspections accurately assess the misalignment extent and recommend corrective actions for proper alignment and functionality.

Damaged or Collapsed Pipes

Serious sewer system issues involve damaged or collapsed pipes, causing extensive damage and requiring significant repairs. A sewer scope inspection visually assesses the pipe’s condition, swiftly identifies damaged sections, and enables timely repairs or replacements.

Sewer system issues can cause disruptions and financial burdens for property owners. With sewer scope inspections, owners can proactively identify common problems, leading to targeted repairs and maintenance. These inspections prevent costly repairs, protect investments, and ensure a healthy sewer system.​

Schedule a sewer scope inspection today to safeguard your property and enjoy peace of mind.

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