What is an Attic?

attic inspection

Why is an Attic Important?

​Aside from the fact that it can be turned into a room or an office, the most important function of the attic is to keep the ventilation and insulation of the house in good condition.

​6 Signs that Indicate that You Need an Attic Inspection

attic inspection
  1. If you never had someone inspect your attic ever since
  2. If the house you bought is 15 years or older
  3. If you are experiencing some fluctuation in the temperature inside your house
  4. If you felt moisture in the air
  5. If you hear weird sounds or smell something off from the duct system
  6. If the unit is new or have been regularly maintained but you experience frequent HVAC cycling

What is Being Done During an Attic Inspection?

attic inspection
attic inspection
attic inspection

Annual attic inspection is important to avoid expensive repair bills in the future.

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