If your home was built prior to 1978, it is ​likely your home will contain lead.

Our home inspectors are happy TO provide lead paint screenings in the
Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice
​and surrounding​ areas.

**only performed in Manatee and Sarasota County**

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

What is lead-based paint? 

Lead is a poisonous metal that was used in as an additive in paint and building construction materials prior to the late 1978. After lead was discovered to cause severe health problems, the use of this metal was banned in home construction, However, the hazardous lead still remains in many homes due to being built with the material.  ​​

Where is lead-based paint found?

Older homes, child care facilities and schools are more likely to contain lead-based paint.  It is most commonly found on painted surfaces inside and outside of the home along with window sills, window frames, door frames, and railings. If your home was built before 1978, the chance that the paint in your home contains lead is very high.

Why should I be concerned?

Renovation, repair or painting that disturbs lead-based paint can create significant lead-based paint hazards in homes.  Just a little lead-paint dust can poison children, their parents and pets, and can cause problems for pregnant women and their unborn children. If you have small children staying in the home for any length of time or if you are pregnant or planning to be we highly recommend testing your home, Be on the lookout for: chipping or peeling paint inside the house, in window wells, on the floor, or the porch, and doors or windows that rub together when they are opened that may cause dust or dangerous particles.

Hire one of our EPA certified professionals to screen your home for Lead-based paint.

We have certified inspectors who can determine if specified areas of the home have lead or lead hazards.  We can test surfaces or components we identify and any areas that you specify that may be disturbed, by using a lead test kit or by taking paint chip samples and sending them to an EPA-recognized testing laboratory.  These tests will tell you the areas in your home where lead-safe work practices are needed.  If you are planning a major renovation or demolition a lead risk assessment may be required by an abatement company.

For additional information on lead please visit the EPA site