Building your dream home can be a very exciting time, but not realizing there are issues with your home until after closing can leave you with thousands in repair bills and in extreme frustration. Having your home inspected during the construction period and/or once the home is completed can identify these smaller issues before they become much larger problems. Some of the most seen issues with new construction homes by our inspectors are:

  1. Missed wired electrical outlets
  2. The dishwasher not being installed correctly
  3. Not installing GFCI outlets in required areas
  4. The presence of chipped, cracked, or slipped roof tiles
  5. Leaks in the plumbing fixtures
  6. The garage door and its safety functions not being installed correctly and/or working properly
  7. Missing roof straps for roof to wall attachments
  8. The insulation not being installed completely throughout
  9. The house having inconsistent framing during construction
  10. The TPR value blow off missing which is a safety feature

Having your new home inspected could save to thousands in repairs later down the road. Hope Home Inspections offers new construction inspections for the pre-dry stage, which allows the inspector to examine features present behind the walls, as well as, a final home inspection which is done once the home is completely move-in ready.  With each of these inspections you will receive about a 25-30-page report detailing 300+ items delivered the next business day.

If you are interested in scheduling a new construction inspection please call our office at 941-773-1144 and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.

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