Some companies supply their clients with decent or just good customer service…

but at Hope Home Inspections, we feel our clients should experience NINJA LEVEL customer service.

What makes us customer services ninjas?

  • Quick response times
    • We have ninja like reaction times to ensure you receive a response in a flash
  • Knowledgeable about services
    • Similar to how the ninja spends years researching his craft, we have studied extensively to understand our industry and services to answer any questions immediately and accurately.
  • Always answer the phone with a Friendly personality
    • About the only non-ninja like quality we have is our friendly demeanor, which is more like hello kitty than a ninja
  • Follow through on promises
    • We hold our promises in the upmost regard and will always follow through. These are our vows and a ninja never breaks a vow. 
  • Remain Calm
    • Pressure and panic never fazes a ninja and they sure as heck don’t scare us. We always stay cool and collected when dealing with stressed and invested customers. 

A ninja is defined as “a person who is expert or highly skilled in a specified field or activity” and we hope you can see why we consider our selves customer service ninjas.

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