10 Common Issues Found at New Construction Homes

Think new construction homes don’t need inspecting because there is a builder warranty or the home was inspected by code enforcement?

We often find that could go undetected for years or WORSE are a safety hazard for you and your family.

1 – Missing insulation in portions of attic and other areas

  • Our infrared camera can find issues in places a homeowner would never see.

2 – Incorrectly wired electrical outlets

  • This is a potential shock hazard.

3 – Torn or crushed ductwork in attic

4 – Missing or incorrectly installed roof straps

  • A big issue in a storm.

5 – Slipped or cracked roof tiles

  • Can cause slow deterioration to underlayment.

6 – Improper venting of home

7 – Dryer vent improperly terminated

  • This is a potential fire hazard.

8 – Broken window locks and springs

9 – Slab lippage, where the slab extends beyond the exterior wall

  • This can lead to moisture intrusion into the home.

10 – Garage door safety function not working properly

Make sure hidden building defects are caught and corrected before you move in.

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