Mobile home inspections

We understand buying a home is a large investment and can be scary and/or stressful. 
Thus, finding deficiencies before you buy can provide you with a better understanding of the home’s condition to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, a home inspection can save you thousands by identifying potential issues to be repaired before moving in. 

Mobile homes receive the same thorough and detailed inspection as our standard home inspection. However, with mobile homes we also provide a specialty crawlspace inspection.

​Additionally, we include a FREE infrared inspection of the interior of the home.

Items examined during crawlspace inspection:

  • Exposed plumbing
    • Plumbing is checked for any damages and leaks
  • Pillars
    • These are homes main support system, so our inspectors look signs of instability
  • Vapor Barriers
    • This component of a mobile home protects the home/sub floor from moisture from the ground.  We check for tears and damages which could negate the vapor barriers function.
  • Tie Downs
    • Tie Downs are designed to keep the home stable in the event of strong winds, so we check these components to ensure they are not loose, damaged, corroded, or kinked/bent as any of those could impact the homes stability.

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