When you have a home inspection, the home inspector is required to make sure that before you move into your new home, the home is safe from all types of safety hazards. The electrical panel is part of this thorough review of your home as there can be several hazards that stem from it. 

While inspecting an electrical panel, the home inspector is looking for deficiencies. One in particular is called a Double Tap, or a double tapped electrical breaker.

Electrical Double Tap

What is a Double Tap
This occurs when an electrical breaker, that is not designed to be double tapped, has two wires connected to it. These are immediately called out as a potential hazard because these wires

 may not be properly tightened since the breaker is not designed to accept two wires. Loose wires can cause overheating and arcing which is dangerous within your home.

If the circuit is not overloaded, then there are several options. The first would be having a licensed electrician add another circuit breaker to the panel and connect the secondary wire to the circuit. Another option would be to have a licensed electrician disconnect the two wires that are connected to the breaker, install a short wire, wire nut all three wires, and finally connect the short wire to the circuit breaker. It’s important to note the mention of the licensed electrician in all scenarios. 

In other words, it’s a simple repair, but you should always have a licensed professional handle it to ensure you and your home are safe!

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