Maintaining a functioning sewer system is vital for any property. Different sewer systems have unique characteristics and potential issues.

Different Types of Sewer System

Public Sewer Systems

Public sewer systems, managed by municipalities or local authorities, handle significant amounts of wastewater from various sources. Regular sewer scope inspections are crucial in identifying and addressing issues early on, even though these systems are professionally maintained.

Professionals visually inspect public sewer lines to identify blockages, damage, and other issues. Early detection allows for timely repairs, preventing sewage backups and community disruptions.

Exploring Different Types of Sewer Systems and How Sewer Scope Inspections Detect Problems

Private Sewer Systems

Private sewer systems are commonly found in rural areas or properties without public sewer networks. This requires regular maintenance to prevent issues like clogs or leaks.

During sewer scope inspections in private systems, professionals assess the condition of sewer lines connected to the septic tank or treatment system. By identifying blockages, leaks, or damage, property owners can proactively maintain a healthy and efficient private sewer system.

Combined Sewer Systems

Combined sewer systems collect stormwater runoff and wastewater in a single network of pipes. Heavy rainfall can overwhelm these systems, causing sewage overflows into water bodies or backflow into properties.

Sewer scope inspections in combined sewer systems detect issues to prevent overflows or backups. Professionals visually examine the lines for blockages, damage, or improper connections, enabling timely repairs and preventing environmental and property damage.

Commercial and Industrial Sewer Systems

Regular inspections are crucial for commercial and industrial properties with complex sewer systems to maintain compliance and prevent disruptions.

Sewer scope inspections are essential for commercial and industrial sewer systems. They detect issues like grease buildup, pipe deterioration, and blockages, allowing proactive measures to prevent costly repairs and business disruptions.

Stay proactive and maintain a healthy sewer system with regular sewer scope inspections. Detect issues early, prevent costly repairs, and protect the environment. Schedule your sewer scope inspection with us today!

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