Fireplace Maintenance

If you own a fireplace, you are already aware of how wonderful it can be throughout the winter. When it’s freezing outside, there’s nothing better than cuddling up next to it. However, if they aren’t properly maintained, fireplaces can be dangerous. So here are are some safety tips that you might want to know.

After Burning, Leave a 1-inch Layer of Ash Behind

Ash remains after a wood-burning fire has extinguished. Burning firewood can be facilitated by a thin covering of ash, which reflects heat back into the fire. Excess ash can be taken away when the layer of ash is deeper than an inch or so.

Maintain Smoke Detectors’ Batteries Fresh

In the event of a house fire, smoke detectors can save lives. To make sure that smoke detectors are still in working order, homeowners should check the batteries every three months.

Fire Should Never Be Left Unattended

Never leave a fire unattended. Gas fireplace owners simply need to turn their fireplace off before leaving the room. Owners of homes with wood-burning fireplaces must, however, wait until the fire is little before putting it out because water cannot do it.

Only Burn Seasoned Wood

​Wood that has dried out and cracked is seasoned wood. It is excellent for chimneys since it burns more cleanly and more easily than green wood. Homeowners with fireplaces that burn wood should always have seasoned wood on hand to use in their fireplace. Green wood cannot be burned until it has dried.

Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips at Home

Sweep Your Chimney

To get rid of soot and debris, sweep your chimney at least once a year. A dirty or obstructed chimney will eventually start a house fire in addition to preventing Santa Claus from flying down to distribute presents. You can clean your own chimney if you have the appropriate equipment.

Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips at Home

​According to studies, some buyers are ready to spend up to $1000 more for homes that include fireplaces, so having a fireplace will benefit you if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

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