Welcome back! After last weeks pre-drywall inspection blog, we’re going to move on to Final-Walk Through inspections. 

A Final-Walk Through inspection is the final inspection before you move into your home. Unlike our standard home inspection, final-walk throughs are not only functionality based, but also cosmetic. 
When your home is brand new, it should be in brand new condition! Unfortunately, that is not the case, most of the time.

  • Some of the most common issues found during Final-Walk Throughs consist of:
  1.  HVAC issues
  2. electrical issues (outlets and light switches not wired properly) and
  3. plumbing leaks!

What happens after my Final-Walk Through inspection? 

  • After you get your report, you’ll walk-through with your builder (builders walk-through) and during that you can send your report to your builder representative and it is their responsibility to repair those deficiencies. 

A Final-Walk Through inspection is the last opportunity to get an inspection before closing on the home! Give us a call to get your Final-Walk Through inspection! (941) 773-1144

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