Galvanized Piping

What is a Galvanized Pipe?

          ​Steel pipes that have been coated in zin are known as galvanized pipes. This was done to prevent corrosion and rust. Before 1960, this was commonly installed in homes as an alternative to lead pipes.

Galvanized Piping

Why is it a Potential Issue?

Galvanized pipes work fine once installed however, after 30-40 years of being exposed to water, the inside of the pipe starts to corrode and rust. ​The worst part is that because it originates from the inside, the rust frequently goes undetected. The pipes can gather small amounts of lead particles and this can go to your tap water.

Problems Cause by Galvanized Piping

Galvanized Piping

Ways to Prevent and Solve This Issue

  • Complete Re-Piping

       If pipes are over 30-40 years already, it is preferred to replace it to prevent future issues. This is costly however, it would cost you more if it becomes a larger problem in the future.

  • Partial Re-Piping

​       This method is cheaper and faster compared to complete re-piping and it stops the leakages and issues. However, whenever this can still cause significant issues because the rust can still feed through the plumbing network.​

  • Pinhole Patch-Up 

This is the cheapest method however, this does not ensure that the problem will totally be resolved as this is only a short term solution.

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