Final walkthroughs can be just as stressful as they are exciting, so we’re here to help you make the situation go smoother for you and your family. There’s a few additional inspections that will make you more confident in your newly built home.

    1. Sewer Scoping during the new construction phase is always a smart idea. We have seen major blockage in the past from rocks, dirt, and construction debri. This could cause many issues within your home if not addressed as soon as possible. 

   2. With homes being left open during the construction phase, it is easy for organic growth to grow on trusses, beams, ect. Getting a Mold Air Quality during the final walkthrough eliminates any worries about mold being present before moving in.

   3.Wind mitigations are now being requested by insurance companies during the closing of new construction. Insurance companies used to give the credits if it were 5 years or newer due to the home meeting code. That is no longer the case, so we strongly recommend getting one at the time of inspection.  

Call today to schedule your final walkthrough! We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the additional services (941) 773-1144

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