contract being ripped up

We understand…

Everyone wants home inspectors to be thorough and identify issues… ​but worry they might exaggerate, scare customers, and “blow” deals.

Our inspectors won’t scare or surprise customers. Additionally, we can provide REAL repair estimates, keeping everyone well informed and at ease during the home buying process.

Three ways in which Hope Home Inspections provides the best inspection services while not scaring home buyers:


Our inspectors are trained by a retired realtor on how to communicate/write reports in a straightforward, non-alarmist manor.

No More Blown Deals From Home Inspections
No More Blown Deals From Home Inspections

Hope Home Inspections can provide actual repair costs ​for found deficiencies after the home inspection, which are guaranteed for 4 months.



Prior to releasing reports, we have office personnel who review all reports from a “layman’s”

Customer questions being answered by professionals in leman terms.

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