Damage to sewer lines can impact your health, your home, and your pocket book. However, having a sewer scope inspection can help identify issues before they become a much larger problem. A snake-like cable with camera is used to examine the home’s sewer line to identify issues such as damage to the pipes, blockages, etc. A Sewer Scope allows homeowners, buyers, and sellers to act before extensive damage occurs resulting in very expensive repairs. ​

Common Issues found:

  • Damaged Piping
  • Blocked Piping
  • Root Intrusion
  • Corrosion 
  • Construction debris
  • Poor Installation

Why you should care:

  • Health Risks
    • When plumbing lines are damaged/blocked, raw sewage can back up into the home. This contains a variety of biological hazards that can cause several health issues. Also, the moisture can lead to mold growth within your home.
  • Home Damage
    • Sewer backups can flood your home, damaging your property and your personal belongings. Damaged sewer pipes beneath your property can lead to indentations or even sinkholes in the land/pavement. Underground leaks near your foundation can cause shifting and foundation cracks. 
  • Money
    • Correcting broken pipes, re-plumbing an entire house, and/or cleaning up after interior floods- all start to add up to repair. Not to mention an underground leak could be costing you tons of monthly on your monthly water bill. Make sure your home doesn’t have any unforeseen issues with its plumbing.

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