(That you won’t see, and Sellers often don’t know exist)

When you are searching for a new home you aren’t climbing on the roof or through the attic or checking that all the appliances and electrical outlets work. But our inspectors check more than 300+ items in a typical home.  Below are just a few of the issues that we often find during an inspection. Many of which a home owner living in the house didn’t even know were a problem. 

1. Torn Duct Work in attic- Repairing or replacing the ducts can be costly but this problem can cause higher energy bills, overwork the system, distribute debris/dust from attic into home and clog up the filter.

Roof leaking into attic

2. Roof leaking into attic-Roofers are not cheap and and if the leak goes undetected it can cause damage to the interior of the home and potentially your personal items.

3. Recalled breaker box- There are several brands of breaker boxes that insurance companies refuse to insure.  You could find yourself at the last minute ​​unable to get insurance or having to pay extremely high premiums until the box is replaced.

4. Low Water Pressure or slow draining pipes- While these issues may be simple clogs, they may be an indication of damaged underground pipes.

5. Double taps in breaker box- This is a safety hazard that need immediate repair and could lead to overheating and further damage to the main electrical panel.

6. Improper bathroom venting into attic- Excessive moisture from the bathroom into the attic can cause condensation on the roof members, the insulation and eventually cause mold which can cause health issues and be expensive to have removed.

GFIC testing

7. GFCIs not working or non-grounded outlets- Properly wired and working electrical outlets are important to protect you and your family from shock and prevent damage to appliances plugged into them.

8. Windows that don’t open or lock- Many people do not open all of their windows on a regular basis.  Just having the springs and locks repaired can cost a lot.

9. Dryer vent improperly terminated- This can cause lint to accumulate into the attic or worse into the home, causing not just a mess but a fire hazard.

10. Missing Insulation- In addition to the cost of replacing the insulation, you end up with higher energy bills and the HVAC system works harder thus shortening the life of the unit.

No one wants to purchase a home with problems.

Make sure the home is in good condition before you buy.

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